Business & Entrepreneurship Services

The Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre offers variety of programs to support community-based small business owners and help entrepreneurs succeed in business in the Prairie Provinces.

Our services include:

  1. Financial Literacy Education - we offer trainings and workshops on financial literacy to our community members in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Lack of financial education is one of the biggest challenges that immigrants and Canadian visible minority groups face which leads to mismanaging of finances and financial instability. This can impact the individual and community wellbeing, which in turn leads to failure in integrating into the fabrics of the larger Canadian society.

  1. Visible Minority Business Development Program - The Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre provides mentorship and support in business services to immigrant entrepreneurs in the Prairies. We offer workshops on business planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation services. We provide them with insights on how to expand their existing operations and how they can maximize profits by providing them with much needed services such as digital marketing. Our goal is to empower visible minority entrepreneurs with technical expertise and the services needed to remain competitive in business, which is particularly crucial in ever-changing and increasingly difficult economic environment.

  2. Immigrant Entrepreneurs - The Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre offers information and referrals to prospective immigrants outside the country who are interested in moving to the Prairies to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. We offer welcoming packages for those who visit and provide referrals to business consulting firms and IRCC regulated consultants for information and assistance. Our goal is to attract investments into the Prairies while empowering and strengthening the immigrant community.

  1. Black Women Entrepreneurship – visible minority groups, regardless of gender, are usually faced with many challenges; these challenges are even more daunting for black women. The Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre offers information and support to Black Women Entrepreneurs and other visible minority women; this support includes financial literacy educational resources, business opportunities identification, concept evaluation and start-up process. We have worked with many stay-home mothers on “home-made goodies” business concepts and have been successful in planting entrepreneurial ideas in the minds of many visible minority women.

  2. Black Youth Entrepreneurship – We engage black visible minority youth by providing them with financial literacy workshops, arranging and referring for volunteer and internship opportunities at local community-owned businesses. Also encourage them to be innovative and come up with new ideas to start their own businesses. We sometimes play a role in linking them to investors if their business ideas are viable.

  1. Promoting Black Self-Employment – the Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre offers the unemployed in the Black community information and opportunities to become self-employed. Many of our clients have become owner-operators in the transportation field (local parcel delivery and long distance trucking operators). Others are successfully running ethnic-based businesses in the Prairies.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be operating on our usual office hours.

For Immigration, Settlement, Passport & Citizenship Services, please call for an appointment before coming to the centre, Tel: 306-596-0380.

For Community based counselling for families and youth, help with school/parent relations, resume and employment services, or any other emergence need for assistance will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

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