Employment Services:

The rate of Poverty and unemployment level among minority youth (including Somali youths) are on the rise, it is a widely shared opinion that these two issues are the primary contributors of the youth crimes in Canada, the Prairie Somali Canadian Community Centre is doing its part in tackling these issues by providing variety of services including:

  • Job Preparation sessions
  • Resume and cover letter writing techniques
  • Providing internet equipped computers for job search use
  • Referring youth and other Adult immigrants to local agencies that provide entry level vocational and trade apprenticeship training
  • Create social media based platforms that inform our youth and other clients about current job openings in the market.

Domestic violence:

Domestic violence is abuse between married or common-law partners or parents vs children. The abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical. It can also be a combination of a number of these forms, therefore our PSC community centre believes that domestic abuse can happen in any family regardless of their race, ethnic or religious association, thus PSCCC provides support and prevention program in order to counter domestic abuse and help its victims, especially children and women.

Settlement Services:

We help immigrants, refugees and other new Canadians moving to Saskatchewan from within Canada or other parts of world learn about and understand their new community, by providing information about health care, housing and schools for children. We also help them apply for health cards, driving licenses and receive driver safety education as well as filling up housing rental application forms, and support them with reference letters when required, and also sometimes find volunteers in the community who can cosign their applications.

Immigration and Citizenship Services:

We help immigrants and Refugees with immigration/citizenship paperwork, such as sponsorship applications for family and relative reunifications, refugee asylum applications and rejection appeal processes, translation of foreign issued documents, interpretation services as well as applying for permanent resident cards, travel documents for refugees and protected persons, citizenship and Canadian passport applications as well as citizenship test prep classes.

Integration Programs:

We help immigrant/new Canadian families access to local social programs/activities by connecting them to specific cultural community based activities where they can enjoy and participate in various social gatherings. We also refer foreign trained immigrant professionals to local agencies and government institutions to help them access education loans and other programs that can help them recertify in their fields of profession. We provide leadership/life skill workshops and organize summer/winter sporting projects to keep immigrant youth engaged in useful activities rather than falling prey to criminal gangs and other international terror networks. Moreover we conduct emancipation and empowerment sessions to help women and stay home moms realize their God given potentials.

Seniors engagement Project

Like any other Community in Canada, we have an increasing elderly population and as shown in many studies, minority Elders face double hardships when trying to access services.

Their lacking of knowledge about the availability of services, scarcity of interpretation services and translated materials is another barrier, not to mention insufficient of official language skills, restrictions on movement outside home, and lack of physical activities resulting many of them to experience poor health, and most importantly lack of cultural sensitive spaces, effective programs and services.
The short term aim of this project is to fight isolation of seniors from Somali Canadian community, and to reach the most impossible to reach elders, but our long term goal is to provide culturally sensitive spaces, and offer the care, services and the support that the immigrant elderly population requires.

We will also engage and encourage local governments both provincial and municipal to be more aware of those group's needs and to take notice of what the service organizations like ours is doing for the elderly population.

Translation/ Interpretation services:

We provide interpretation assistance to those with limited language skills by accompanying them to hospital/walk in clinic visits, job fair sessions, legal court engagements, parent – school sessions and etc.

We also help translate foreign issued documents needed for immigration and other purposes.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be operating on our usual office hours.

For Immigration, Settlement, Passport & Citizenship Services, please call for an appointment before coming to the centre, Tel: 306-596-0380.

For Community based counselling for families and youth, help with school/parent relations, resume and employment services, or any other emergence need for assistance will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

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